KITE Weather Intelligence

Save time and boost productivity with KITE®, Katestone’s unique and innovative Australian weather intelligence tool.


What is KITE?

KITE is an online weather intelligence tool specifically designed to help Australian industry proactively manage weather related risk.

KITE provides site-specific weather forecasts for any location in Australia, seven days in advance.

Whether it’s scheduling heavy maintenance work, triggering dust suppression measures or deciding when to do that critical crane lift, KITE can give you the heads up. Think of it as your eye in the sky.

Who developed KITE?

KITE was created, developed and is maintained daily by Katestone, a leading provider of expert air quality, meteorology and environmental services in Australia since 1989.

Why use KITE?

KITE’s strength lies in its high resolution forecast powered by the Katestone Numerical Weather System (K-NWS). K-NWS is a highly advanced weather forecasting system, developed and maintained by Katestone, solely for Australian conditions. KITE uses the K-NWS to generate site-specific forecasts for any location in Australia, no matter how remote, not just the major towns and cities. As well as making global information local, KITE’s higher forecast resolution means greater forecast accuracy.

KITE’s indices boil down complex data into simple, usable, actionable information. The KITE Data Dashboards are designed so you can see at-a-glance what’s in store for your operation.

KITE WeatherBoard, Heat Stress and Dust Dashboards are available now in beta, with more customisations under development.

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